• Salt mines of the Dallol, Ethiopia
  • Approaching Glacier Bay, Alaska
  • 40° Dune Drive – Namibia
  • Sunset Rhino Tracking, Namibia
  • High Board, Yukon, Canada
  • Leaving the mountains behind, Antarctica
  • Epupa Falls, Namibia
  • Svalbard Archipelago, Northern Lights, Norway
  • Rickety Bridge, Rwenzoris, Uganda
  • Camels at Sunset, Ethiopia
  • Expert Led Animal Sanctuary, Svalbard, Norway
  • Man of the Afar Tribe – Ethopia
  • Final Push, Aconcagua
  • Molten Lava, Ethiopia
  • Cayman in the Amazon river, Peru
  • Sunrise Ballooning, Sossusvlei, Namibia
  • Himba Tribe, Namibia
  • Sand Boarding, Namibia
  • Wild Camping, Yukon, Canada
  • Peruvian Transport, Peru
  • Eduard Bohlen – Skeleton Coast
  • Snowmobiling, Svalbard Archipelago
  • Angola on the Horizon, Northern Namibia
  • Sunbathing Caiman, Peru


We go to the ends of the earth for a truly original adventure. By thinking out the box we believe we design the ultimate adventure holidays either at the very pinnacle of luxury or where the luxury is the extremity of the adventure itself. Sand, ice, mountains and sea provide inspirational adventures for everyone. Perhaps the perfect introduction to polar adventure travel is Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago with its pristine snowy wilderness. Whether on skis, dog sleds or snow-mobiles this icy paradise offers an adventure of a lifetime encompassing some of nature’s most exquisite scenery.

Our Alaskan Private Flying Safari takes you through similarly beautiful landscapes. Fly over untouched mountains and glaciers before landing on a remote beach to see feeding grizzles and rivers brimming with salmon all in time for lunch! With the Peninsula’s Chugach Mountain Range active volcanoes and glaciers provide endless adventures such as rafting, trekking and heli-skiing.

Far from the cold of Alaska is Namibia. The vast Namib Desert is an awe-inspiring wilderness. It is home to 200 roaming desert lions that few ever see. Yet as part of our bespoke mobile safari, we are privileged to track them with a conservationist who is singlehandedly responsible for their survival. This safari is for the curious who seek to go beyond the standard safari setting to view some of Africa’s most elusive and endangered species.

Equally inspiring are the Rwenzoris or ‘Mountains of the Moon’ which span the Ugandan – Congolese border. 5,000m of craggy, glaciated peaks offer a bizarre contrast to the lost world setting of lush giant vegetation. Few other climbs offer such a contrasting and stimulating experience with eight days trekking and climbing through almost virgin territory. It isn’t comfortable, but the sublime vistas provide ample rewards on this mind-blowing adventure.